• Major Update!

    Hey everyone! Sorry to keep you all waiting so long between updates, let's get straight to it!

    So, the project is still going, I know it seems like it's died (multiple times) but we're still interested in doing this. Due to everyone being busy with work and school before we ended up in a bit of a hiatus, during this time a new translation project popped up from someone named Aaron, he made a lot of progress really quickly and after a post by Tiny Cartridge I found out about his project. It turns out he had actually attempted to contact us to help out and I missed the email. :P

    After a bunch of emails back and forth between him and the rest of the team we all got together and got back to work. :D Aaron has been making a ton of progress with the code and thanks to our translators; Gold_Ninja and Zari-Gari, we already had a bunch of stuff for him to work with.

    I'll be adding a video Aaron recently made to show off his progress to the video section as well as some new screenshots so be sure to check them out!

    If you'd like to see more feel free to check out Aaron's thread on GBAtemp.

    Sorry to keep you guys waiting so long for updates, things seem to be moving faster now so hopefully we'll have even more to show soon. :D



    • 6. Oct 28 2013 12:36PM by ZombiWorkshop

      Still holding out for this, looking forward to when it's done! :D

    • 7. Nov 20 2013 10:43PM by RequiredName

      In about six months' time when you check the site again, do you think you could please ask Aaron to host his project on a proper website instead of burying it in some web-forum somewhere? Thanks a bunch in advance.

    • 8. Nov 23 2013 1:49AM by Dan da Man

      aparently Aaron wants to continue the project but is unable to contact you to obtain the work you have so far. Why don't you just give him the work you have so far and maybe he'll finish it a bit faster as he seems willing to do so since August. Or if y'all are still working on it, please update this page from time to time otherwise this page is essentially useless.

    • 9. Jan 10 2014 4:12PM by Fernando

      I'm crazy with the waiting, i'm crazy about this game, i'm really glad you're translating =D i see the work you guys does here more then years and i'm really happy that the project hasn't stopped and you're still working on it,thank you guys and please continue the good work

    • 10. Jan 16 2014 7:48PM by Frank

      I'm sure the game is playable without a translation so long as you know what the challenges are, but in the first one the dialogue was funny and the manuals/magazine were great and made the game a lot more enjoyable. Good luck with the translation!



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