• Minor Update

    Hello everyone, Zach here, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been a bit busy myself with another project. I want to clear a few things up with the people following this project real quick before getting on to talking about it.

    Just so everyone knows I am the only team member for this project that also works on Super Mario Bros Crossover and the newer game Super Retro Squad. So there's no need to worry about those having more priority then this, the main reason I mentioned SMBC before was because of the Haggle Man and Demon Returns skins I added to them as a reference to this series. Personally the new game I'm working on (SRS) will have a bit more priority for me now since it had become my fulltime paid job, but I won't let that affect any work I might do on this project.

    I just wanted to clear that up for you guys. I really want to see this project done and theres no way I would let it get delayed and ignored just cause I have to work on something else.

    Now, on to the translation, the unfortunate news is that we've been on a bit of a hiatus, around the last time I posted most of the team had exams so everyone had been taking a short break to take care of them, due to a bug on our personal team forum I hadn't been able to log in since about a month after that post. I haven't been able to contact Xvirus to see whats going on with the project for a while now and I'm still very interested in the project. Joel, one of the other translators, has mentioned that he is still interested in the project as well, though he hasn't been able to contact Xvirus either.

    If anyone knows a way to contact Xvirus (he also gos by BakaNeko) please let me know in the comments and if you'd like try to contact him yourself telling him to get ahold of me, I'm hoping to get things going again for the project but until I can get ahold of him theres not much I can do.

    Thanks to everyone for your support! Hopefully we can keep this going. :D

    If you'd like to contact me about anything please comment below or email me at:

    rgc2project [at] gmail.com


    • 1. Nov 12 2012 6:03AM by SaxKun

      Thanks for the post, seriously, even if they're not the best news that we all wanted to read, they're still better that coming to the site for almost a year and see nothing but the same post.

      Again, thak you for letting us know of this project. Hope it ends well.

    • 2. Nov 12 2012 8:10AM by jay_are

      Can't the project be done by someone else? There are many capable people translating games everywhere, there have to be some who can dedicate their time to this since xvirus cannot. It might even be necessary to start fresh too... But I hope that not much was made after the teaser video, or a lot of work would be lost... Oh, and I hope nothing happened to xvirus...

    • 3. Nov 18 2012 7:30AM by :U

      Have you guys considered contacting Zari-Gani and the other SA-GCCX staff? I think especially since XSEED's said there's no hope of it officially coming over anymore, they'd probably be interested in giving some help at some point.

      In any case, I agree with Sax, it's nice to see a new update at all, and that you care enough to keep everyone informed, even if it's not good news.

    • 4. Nov 21 2012 10:54AM by Mario (or Cheetara)

      YEAH!!! I know it! RGC2 translation it's still alive! That's the best news of the month!

    • 5. Nov 21 2012 10:54AM by Mario (or Cheetara)

      YEAH!!! I know it! RGC2 translation it's still alive! That's the best news of the month!



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