• Obligatory "Not Dead Yet" Post

    Hey everyone, I've noticed a couple people thinking that the project has died already. Figured I'd give you guys a quick post to let you know thats not the case. :)

    At the moment a bit of the team have classes so things aren't moving incredibly fast. We'll still keep going though so don't worry. In the mean time, I don't have the latest version so I can't give you guys any screens or anything but I can give you something slightly related:


    Just a link to another project I'm working on, we managed to sneak in a couple alternate costumes as references ;) Be sure to pay close attention to 2:54 and 3:06 in the video.

    I'll be sure to give you guys updates for this project next time :)



    • 1. Jan 17 2012 3:28PM by Dan da Man

      Hey thanks Zach! I have been checking this site every single day since the last post in August. I cant wait for this game it looks so damn awesome! Will rekindle my relationship with my DS for sure. And the Mario game..... OMG!!!!! Its freaking AWESOME! A God send for hardcore, oldschool, Gamers. Its really amazingly done.... Honestly. I hope its gets ported to the DS or even the PSP, I would love to have this thing on the road!

    • 2. Jan 18 2012 1:21AM by Cheetara (or Mario)

      Yeah! Is great that this project is not dead. Even if take years to finish, i will wait. And for the other game, super mario crossover 1 is one of my favorite games in flash, this second edition is awesome! (more with the cameos of RGC 2 caracters) Keep the good work guys!

    • 3. Jan 18 2012 3:39AM by Required Name

      Yay! I love Demon Returns! I'll miss Arino's snarky commentary from the first game (one of the odd cases of where hearing it in English has more impact than the native language, strangely). After all, aren't we all gamers here? This is like our history! Thanks for all the hard work. :3

    • 4. Jan 19 2012 9:35AM by carl

      Greetings, and thanks for your hard work; keep at it, we'll wait as long as it takes!

    • 5. Jan 20 2012 2:29AM by JBoy

      When I found out that Game Center CX 2 wasn't going to be localized I was upset but knew that the time would come when a man took it upon himself to do what needed to be done. You are that man. Thank you so much for the hard work that you are doing.



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